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Standing Rigging

Standing Rigging Standing rigging is the structural element to your mast, usually stainless steel to take the best the elements can throw at it. To ensure you get the most out of your rig our riggers offer regular rig checks, and tuning to prolong the life of your existing rig and get the maximum and safest performance from your vessel.

We would always recommend that standing rigging is replaced every ten years. A shorter period may be required by insurers who, in any event, will look carefully at the condition of the rig in the event of a claim. Replacing standing rigging involves lifting the mast, removing all of the rigging, replacing it and re-stepping the mast. This whole process also allows for a thorough check of all electrical and electronic equipment attached to the mast, including mast head instruments. Our riggers have years of experience and with our workshop capabilities can ensure all of the work is done to the highest standards.

We specialise in all forms of Standing Rigging from Wire, Dyform and Rod Rigging, to the lighter and weight saving PBO Rigging.

We stock and work with the following types of stainless steel wire.
  1 x 19
     - Most commonly used in standing rigging
     - Very stiff
  7 x 19
     - Will run around corners
     - Used for halyards, keel wires, steering systems
     - Fairly flexible
  1 x 7
     - Dyform wire
     - Used for when stretch and weight of rigging is important
     - Significantly stronger than wire of a similar diameter

Harken, Spinlok, Furlex, Blue Wave, Selden, Wichard, Sta-lok

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